Bubble Football

Bubble Football is not all about the football. Your upper body and head are encased in a big inflatable, see-through zorb. As you do. And yes, a football makes an appearance at some stage.

Hilarious team-play is at the heart of this game with a range of different games such as the classic bubble football, bubble sumo & bubble bulldog. It’s the funniest sports game we’ve ever played. We even created a special bubble football pitch for it.

Excellent craic for teams or groups especially.

**Please note that for insurance purposes, only 10 players may participate in Bubble Football at any time, so for larger groups, players will be subbed in and out of the games. Trust us, it’s a welcome breather.

Child €125 for 10 children
€10 for each additional child
Adults €175 for 10 adults
€15 for each additional adult